Instadoor’s Aluminium Windows

A traditional design in premium grade aluminium, manufactured with the same advanced manufacturing techniques that our award winning bi-folds are.

The flush casement sash sits neatly inside the frame, equalling in a smooth and level surface inside and out with no protruding hardware. Your windows will be much more aesthetically pleasing, emanating a clean, extremely secure and thermally efficient yet simplistic style.

This design enables the window to be used in traditional and modern refurbishments, with over 150 colours offering you the opportunity to have a timeless and long lasting design with no limits to the style of building.

Our windows made by Origin are available as fixed, top hung, side opening or dummy sashes (looks like an opening sash but is fixed and will match the style and sightlines of other opening sashes).



20 Year Guarantee – Because We Can

When designing our windows, outstanding care is taken to ensure robustness and long-term performance is met. Only exceptionally high quality parts are utilized in an Origin Window.

Each member of a uniquely skilled team takes pride in manufacturing the best windows money can buy. Our windows are guaranteed to perform absolutely faultlessly for no less than 2 decades. Each and every bespoke window comes with a unique serial number attached to the frame that guarantees the window at the property for 20 Years.


High Security

Enhancing Bi-directional Locking technology enables our windows to boast a high security standard, easing worries and letting you sleep easy.

Along with a hinge system that is inaccessible from the outside, our aluminium window system lives up to highly regarded security tests – standards highly sought after by many window systems on the market.

As a further measure, being secure against intrusion through the glass unit is a question that is often asked. A minority of entries made into homes are by the breaking of the double glazed units as it is often quite difficult, and results in a extremely loud sound. For those concerned, or have more reason to protect, laminating the sealed unit can be an extremely effective way of stopping intrusion. For those instances of high security, we can supply security standards as high as bullet proofing.

Thermal Efficiency

A common concern when swapping brick and mortar for beautiful uninterrupted glass panels is the loss of heat. We understand this conception, and can assure you that in the days of rising bills, no compromise will need to be made on our behalf.

Thermally broken aluminium with the innovative material polyamide means that there is not one point in our frames where aluminium on the inside conducts to aluminium on the outside. We reinforce this principle by only ever installing ‘A’ rated glazing units, using warm edge spacer bar technology inside our double and triple glazed units, with Argon or Krypton gas filling.


The Fasted manufacture of Bespoke Aluminium Windows

With “Your Lead Time Not Ours” on bi-fold doors, and a 1 week lead time on our Windows, it’s a wonder how it takes everyone else so long to make theirs.

Not a jot of quality is undermined, just pure innovation and a hint of genius makes Instadoor able to supply the Origin Window in 1 week (7 days). You should be in charge of your own deadlines, and thanks to Origin’s major investment in the factory workshop we can now provide Origin Windows practically on demand.



Fire exit: Our windows are designed to maintain high standards not only in security, but also safety. As windows are a primary exit route in disasters including fire, it is vital that all of our side hung windows satisfy fire exit regulations (subject to sash size).

Children: And when considering the smaller loved ones, two legs or four, it is important to ensure that your windows can be restricted. We offer peace of mind by installing your restrictor hinges to the window in the factory, so you dont have to worry about it again.

Glass: As a requirement according to the Building Regulations Part N, quite often you will find that you will be wise if not, required to use Toughened double glazed units. In real terms, if the glazing is in such a place that people can come into contact with it whilst moving in or around the building it must – if broken on impact – brake in such a way that is unlikely to cause injury. We usually recommend toughened glass in places that also are not legally required, for added safety. Read more about the critical areas to have toughened glass.


Impressive applications

Our aluminium window system is one of the strongest and therefore one of the most capable domestic window system in the UK.

When needing to reach large expanses and big opening windows, many aluminium window companies will need to move to their commercial product – a product not designed to be thermally efficient and family friendly like the domestic systems. An Origin window can be manufactured up to 1000mm x 1800mm for a side hung sash, and 1500mm by 1500mm top hung.

For larger openings, windows can simply be coupled together to maximising light and connectivity with the outdoors, or better still couple with an award winning Aluminium Bifold Door.

See also what our Bay Windows and Gable windows can do here.

20 Year Guarantee – Because We Can

we decided that if we didn’t offer some recommendations the decision process could take longer than some companies take to manufacture them! And nobody wants that.

The Aluminium frames of Instadoors products are all finished with a solvent-free polyester powder coating. The highly durable coating is manufactured by Interpon, who are the world leaders in architectural powder coatings.

Our Popular finishes

Woodgrain Finishes

With our Windows and Bifold doors you also have the option to go natural, with these fantastic powder coating options. These Woodgrain finishes harmonise with your existing wood or wood-effect windows and doors. The finish (available in Natural Oak, Golden Oak, Mahogany and Walnut) has the look, texture and beauty of real timber but without the hassle.

Why Aluminium with Woodgrain finish? Real timber products are beautiful, but realistically are not the best product to use when so many moving parts are involved. Timber has the tendency to swell, twist and distort – characteristics that will cause a lifetime of problems for your Bifold doors. They will also need treating and maintenance over the years to maintain them. So why not take the best of both worlds? Aluminium properties, and woodgrain looks…

Instadoor’s Bespoke Colour Range

Fancy something a little more outraging? or something to suit your character? Here are a few recommendations from our Bespoke colours…

These natural-look finishes coordinate perfectly with existing wood or wood-effect windows and doors. The wood-effect powder coated finish has the look, texture and beauty of woods including Oak, Mahogany and Walnut, with all the advantages of aluminium.

The aluminium frames of an Origin Door are all finished with a solvent-free polyester powder coating. The highly durable coating is manufactured by Interpon, who are the world leaders in architectural powder coatings.

As a supplier of Window, it is important to us that you can learn the skills that you need to measure accurately, and then install Instadoor’s products.

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