Where do bifold patio doors fit in to the whole architectural scheme of things?

Bifold patio doors aren’t suitable for everywhere, and it would be wrong of us here at Instadoor to try and convince you otherwise. In addition they aren’t always suitable for everyone either. Obviously taste and personal preference have to be factored into any equation where creating atmosphere and character to your home is concerned.

In a time when patio doors are beginning to look a little passé, home owners are looking for a viable alternative. We have reached an age where double glazed units fitted years ago need replacing and it is your opportunity to stamp your mark on your new home, but you want to do it properly. An article in the Daily Telegraph confirms this, and also questions with this usual lifespan why most companies only offer a 10-year guarantee. When considering bifold patio doors, you want to ask yourself what you want them to achieve.

Architecturally bifold patio doors are completely different to sliding patio doors. They have a chunkier and more durable look and feel to them. They are clearly a different design with a totally different functionality. Where sliding patio doors tend to be very two-dimensional, bifold patio doors are definitely three-dimensional.

However the greatest benefit and advantage of bifold patio doors over their counterparts is the ability to completely open up and out, bringing the whole of the outside in and vice versa. If you haven’t experienced the effect of totally open bifold patio doors then you will struggle to understand exactly what we are talking about, but once you do, you will then understand what all the fuss has been about. We are more than happy for you to make an appointment to come and have a look round the showroom in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, to get a much better understanding of why we are so enthusiastic about our products. But as we have mentioned, they don’t suit everyone and everywhere.

It is probably safe to say that bifold doors are more suited to modern property, and certainly property where window openings are large. If you live in an old cottage with small windows, then there will be a need to get more light in, but at what cost? Our recommendation. Ask an architect for some advice and to draw you up some plans. Computer graphics are so amazing these days it is even possible to have a three-dimensional rendering of what your property will look like with newly fitted bifold doors.

If you like to feel enclosed and ‘cosy’, even in summer, then perhaps the more traditional French doors might be more to your liking. They let in light, but still retain a sense of enclosure, the antithesis of the bifold patio door. But bifold doors still afford you the option of enclosure or opening, as unlike double glazed sliding patio doors, you have a greater amount of framework to break up the expanse of glass.

If you are unsure and want to learn more about bifold doors, why not give us a call at Instadoor and ask any questions you would like answers to.