Your options for creating extra light in a reception room or kitchen

Have you got a dark area in your house – an area where you usually have the light on or where there just seems to be a lack of natural light? Often areas like this are left unlived in, usually have a few bits of furniture stuck in them, and then left alone. You will have doubtless used light paint or even white paint to lighten the area up, but that never works without natural light. Most interior designers will advise you that if an area in your home is going to remain dark, make it warm and cosy. Painting white walls will only highlight the area’s lack of light and it will feel even colder. Think warm rich paint tones combined with some delicate lighting.

Then of course there is the option of bringing in more light, even if the room does not face due south. The question is, how do you go about it?

  • Skylights – these are an excellent option if you live in a single storey dwelling, the room is on the top floor of the property in question, or we are talking about a single-storey extension. The beauty of skylights or roof lights is that while the room’s aspect may be north-facing, your skylights can face east and west or be on the south side, allowing natural light to stream into the room all day long.
  • A widened window or additional windows – windows are a good compromise if what is immediately outside makes the installation of a new doorway to outside impractical – especially if you are in a room on the third floor! Windows are not hugely expensive to create and can certainly change the whole feeling of a room. The only thing you need to check when installing a new window is the right of privacy for adjoining properties. If that new window looks straight into your neighbour’s interior, then planning regulations may well insist that the glass used in your window is opaque or distorted.
  • Patio or French doors – these are a fairly traditional means of replacing stone and bricks for clear glass. Though both effective in their own right, not every property looks good with this type of door. French doors are usually more for older cottage type or Georgian style properties, while large patio doors need an expanse of wall to run along. In addition they are relatively characterless and if anything are now beginning to look a little dated.
  • Bi-fold patio doors – now these are definitely becoming the most popular doors being fitted in new properties and used in property renovations to add that extra dimension of light. Bi-fold patio doors make a big bold statement and certainly have a more contemporary look about them. They are a bit of a chameleon as they are able to blend in and adapt to most types of property – from ultra-contemporary to more period properties.

Now if bi-fold patio doors are  new concept to you and you want to both learn more about them and see them in action, then why not contact us and make an appointment to come and visit the showroom and factory in High Wycombe?