Bi-fold patio doors – shedding some light on the subject

There is no question that French doors have been heavily influential in the field of both interior design and architecture. As their name suggests, their origins lie in France and date back to the 16th century. However it was from the 17th century onwards that the style of the French door spread throughout Europe.

The beauty of the French door is that its design was ideally suited to small panes of glass. You have to remember that when glass was first produced, technology had not advanced sufficiently for larger panes of glass to be made. If you look at the design of some original French doors you will see them with the ‘bull’s eye’ design of glass which looks more like the flattened bottom of a bottle.

Of course while French doors added an element of practicality to providing access to the outside of a property other than from the front or back door, they certainly helped brighten up a room with the increased area of glass in them. However French doors have notoriously wide frames and a criss-cross of wooden struts, so the actual amount of glass is not as great as you might imagine.

Once patio doors came into the equation, their popularity burgeoned owing to the massive amount of light they allowed into a room. Not only did you have the light coming through the patio door that slid open, but you also had the static pane of glass to the side, thus doubling up on the amount of light allowed into a room. However with both the French and patio doors, there have been design flaws. With patio doors you could not open the second panel, so the sense of space created when opening a patio door was not a great deal more than with French doors. In addition, patio doors were limited to sliding back and forth and despite the design, it was virtually impossible to deal with the weight of the door when trying to slide it open, especially after it had been in situ for a while.

It is perhaps the fact that bi-fold patio doors not only open more easily, but also fully, that is making them so popular today. One of the great benefits of bi-fold patio door design is that you can use the door as the corner of a room, with two sections running at 90 degrees to one another. Now how cool is it when you open up these bi-fold patio doors and all of a sudden that corner of the property disappears!

Here at Instadoor we have been selling bi-fold patio doors for some considerable time now and we can personally vouch for their quality and also effectiveness when it comes to opening up the inside of your house to the outside, and also increasing the amount of natural light you allow to enter into your home. Of course these may be a new style to you and one you are not overly familiar with, so why not make an appointment to come and see the showroom?