Say “goodbye” to sliding patio doors and say “hello” to bifold patio doors

There is a good article written in which confirms what we have suspected for quite some time:

“Also known as folding sliding doors, bi-folds have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. The key advantages are that they allow for whole walls of glass to be opened up completely and as they commonly run on tracks that lie flush within the floor, the lines between inside and out can be blurred.”

It is great when someone independent from us sees the same changes in trends that we have been witnessing, and bifold patio doors really have become incredibly popular in recent years. The question is, why?

The answer is partly given above, but there are a few other more subtle reasons why bifold patio doors have increased in popularity. One reason is aesthetics. Certainly plain sliding patio doors served their purpose in allowing light to flood into homes and offices, and their slimline frames made sure that there was no obtrusive element to the design. However the passing of time has seen that starkness gain an almost dated feel, and designers and architects are no longer afraid to accentuate a building’s character through the more pronounced framework of folding doors.

The second reason is perhaps more associated with habit than design, and that is because doors have usually been designed to swing open and closed, and we can leave a bifold patio door partly open or closed, and it doesn’t look ‘wrong’, unlike a patio door that is only open a foot or two. With a four-fold bifold door, you can go from closed to fully open in four easy stages, welcoming the outside into your home or office.

Then comes the architectural benefit of bifold patio doors that you just can’t achieve with sliding patio doors, and the creation of a totally unobstructed space. It is hard to imagine the effect such a design would have on your home, but there is no question that it is as dramatic as it is effective. If you like your home to make a statement, then this is certainly a bold one.

Finally there comes the ease of opening. Bifold doors may not be light, but hinged and hung correctly, and they open with graceful ease and minimal effort. Our tracking is also designed to be simplistic and accessible by all popular hover heads. The doors are all top hung meaning that the bottom track does not carry the weight of the door – if there is debris it often doesn’t effect the doors.

Maintenance is appreciably easier as everything is accessible. If you are a lover of wood, our timber effect powder coated bifold doors blend in perfectly with windows and doors, creating a harmonious flow around the property. There is no question that patio doors struggle to fit in if you still want to retain a certain amount of character in your home.

What we do recommend, if you would like to learn more about bifold doors, is to give us a call at Instadoor and let us run through any questions you may have. We’re pretty confident you will like what you hear, and especially when it comes to price.