Government legislation can be a blessing at times

There is an article in which discusses the impending changes to legislation whereby if you own a buy-to-let property and it was built in the Victorian era, or a little afterwards, then you are going to have to upgrade its energy saving capabilities. Now those upgrades include cavity wall insulation, upgrading an old central heating boiler, loft insulation and also, of great importance, double glazing.

Now if you have bought your buy-to-let as a reasonably long-term investment, perhaps as part of your pension fund when you retire, then it could well be worth sitting down and doing your sums carefully.

If you are going to be carrying out energy-saving improvements to what is an investment property, then wouldn’t it pay to carry out improvements that will enable you to obtain a premium rent, and add value to the property at the same time? Rather than putting in basic double glazed doors to replace any old single-glazed French doors, why not consider bi-fold double glazed doors and help to bring the outside into the property?

It is likely that you will want to upgrade more than will be required under the legislation, which will allow for further investment into the whole property. As you will doubtless know, if upgrading a property, you will only maximize your investment if all the work is done. If you only do half, you will be unlikely to recoup your costs.

Bi-fold doors are a unique asset to a property as they can change the feel of the interior quite dramatically, and they really do make a dramatic statement when it comes to increasing light or creating a greater sense of space. Believe it or not, with the use of steel lintels, you can even have a bi-fold patio door forming two sides of a building, making a stunning feature and a real talking point.

Of course it shouldn’t just take government legislation to get you to consider installing bi-fold patio doors into a property. What about your current home? Is it due for any upgrade or improvement? What is the lighting situation like in your living room or kitchen/dining room? Perhaps you have been considering an extension and were wondering how to balance losing part of your garden with increasing the overall floor plan of the property. Having bi-fold patio doors will enable you to create a deck right outside and incorporate that into the overall feel and design of the extension.

Of course if you understand the principal of bi-fold patio doors but are not sure exactly how they would look in your home, then why not pay us a visit. While we happily build to order and deliver throughout the UK, sometimes you want to see something in real life. That being the case, you would be welcome to see the factory in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire – just remember to call us first as it is by appointment only.