Now that energy reports are required when you come to sell your home, this can actually play to your advantage if you are thinking of either replacing previously installed and old double glazing, or installing it for the first time. Certainly installing double glazing is an investment in your home and from a financial aspect needs careful consideration. However knowing that you are going to be increasing the value of your property and greatly increasing its salability with new and efficient double glazing will go a long way to ensuring you get a glowing energy report, this should certainly give you plenty of food for thought and added reassurance that you will be spending your money wisely.

Now when it comes to installing new double glazing there are a number of options available including that with hardwood frames, softwood frames, UPVC and aluminium ones. Here at Instadoor we specialise in the manufacture and installation of the very highest quality aluminium framed double glazed windows and bi-fold patio doors. Aluminium framed double glazing units and bi-fold patio doors have a number of advantages over their alternatives.

Firstly, comes durability where unlike wooden frames, aluminium frames do not rot or lose condition over a lengthy period of time. Secondly, and of great importance, maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum and generally their maintenance comes from cleaning the frames whenever you have the windows cleaned. While UPVC may also have the advantage of minimal maintenance, over time it can become discoloured, especially where white UPVC frames are concerned. In addition, and particularly with south facing windows, continual expansion and contraction of the plastic eventually leads to degradation. As you probably know from using aluminium foil in the kitchen, aluminium does not absorb heat the same way and therefore aluminium frames are not prone to distortion over time.

What we are particularly proud of at Instadoor is the superb way are impressive bi-fold patio doors match beautifully with our quality double glazed windows. One of the features of bi-fold patio doors is the ability for their style to blend in well with any type of property, be it period or contemporary. Unlike single panel sliding patio doors, bi-fold patio doors have a more defined and architecturally appealing look about them, as well as being exceptionally practical and functional, especially in areas of limited space.

The other beauty of bi-fold patio doors is that like a conventional door, they swing as opposed to slide and therefore you are not having to deal with the weight of the whole door. Admittedly with brand-new sliding patio doors they will glide quite smoothly, but as you may have experienced either in your own home or in someone else’s, once the tracks start collecting dirt the door becomes harder and harder to slide. With a little bit of general maintenance to the hinge mechanisms of bi-fold patio doors, they will open is easily after five years as they do on the day installation.

If bi-fold patio doors are new to you and you would like to learn more, or you would like to get an indication of the costs of bi-fold patio doors, as well as aluminium framed double glazed window units, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our premises in High Wycombe, Bucks.