Discovering the joy of bi-folding patio doors

Whether through the age of the sliding patio doors themselves, or the fact we have aged and are not quite as agile as we used to be, sometimes it is more of a struggle to open patio doors to their full width. Probably most of us have either watched or experienced a situation where sliding patio doors just don’t glide as you would want them to, and as a consequence they become a nuisance as opposed to a benefit. Yes, patio doors are great for letting in light and allowing you an unobscured view, usually of a garden. However what good are they if you can no longer open them with ease?

Of course you may have become so used to the thought that sliding patio doors are the only option and, as a consequence, resign yourself to the continued struggle, when you need not. This is the perfect situation where bi-folding patio doors come to the fore and can solve all your problems. In fact bi-fold patio doors can achieve a lot more than sliding patio doors when it comes to maximizing the outlook from a room and the light penetration.

It was not until 1952 that double glazing entered the domestic market, and it has come a long way since its inception. Today as opposed to having a vacuum between glass panes, inert gases are used to increase both thermal and sound insulation. More than that, the actual styles of windows which offer double glazing are as wide as they are for ordinary windows whereas originally there were only a couple of design options available. Today the options available with bi-folding patio doors is also tremendous.

Often one of the complaints about standard double glazed patio doors is the lip on the floor that the door has to run along. Not only does this lip cause problems for anyone with mobility problems, but the channel the door has to run along needs to be constantly cleaned. However no matter how thorough you are, dirt will still build up and the door will slide less and less easily as time progresses.

With our bi-fold patio doors the trolley is enclosed in a track that can be sunk in to the ground to provide a smooth and easy access, which means that for those of you with mobility problems, these doors could be a better solution for you. The doors are also exceptionally easy to open and close, which makes them ideal for those lacking in strength or mobility as double glazed sliding patio doors were not designed for the elderly or infirm! In addition, patio doors can only open half the width of the opening in the building. The frame design means that one door can only overlap another door, which means that you cannot fully open the room up to the outside. With bi-fold patio doors you can open the room up the full width of the site of these patio doors which, in the summer, makes all the difference. Talk about bringing the inside out and the outside in where those and garden design are concerned.

As bi-fold patio doors may be a new concept to you, why not give us a call at Instadoor and either come in and see us to experience bi-fold patio doors first-hand, or let us come out to provide you with a free and no-obligation quote.