Instadoor Ltd is a proud supplier of the industry leading Origin Bi-folding doors and windows.

We are a modern day business founded on a concern with a traditional industry. We strive to offer the fastest, most relevant responses through our professional advisors on the use and choice of our fantastic windows and industry leading bifold doors, and then deliver the fantastic products with no hassle.

Delivering nationally for no extra cost, we are dedicated to supporting our retail and trade customers across the UK to achieve the desired quality product and reactive service they require. We understand that windows and bi-fold doors are just one element of a much greater build, and therefore work hard to reduce the time and concern spent looking for premium quality products.


Windows in the UK have an average lead time of 4 weeks from order and survey to installation, leaving many projects on hold between.

Frustratingly because your house must have the windows installed before the plastering, decorating and flooring can be continued, the full flow of your house’s progress suddenly churns to a halt.

Why does this happen?


Traditional window companies aren’t so quick to innovate and move with the other industries of the 21st Century. Are you waiting for a quotation 24 hours after enquiry? Has your window company added on an extra 2 weeks to the 4 week lead time because of a strike in mainland Europe?

Instadoor Ltd sees this opportunity. All of the aluminium used in our windows and bifold doors is kept in high levels of stock directly in the UK. With advanced manufacturing and management techniques, our partner Origin are able to manufacture to the millimetre of your requirements within 1 week… thats 5 working days.

Thanks to our need driven tech team, we have developed the tools and lean management to serve your needs. Using our unique Window quotation system (one of the only companies that allows you to quote your own windows) you do not need to meet the foot-in-the-door salesmen that represents the awful image of the UK’s double glazing industry.

Honesty is our policy.

Our quotation system is transparent, and we will always announce price changes – for better or worse. All of our quotations are what we call ‘side by side, year by year comparable’. This means that we will not arbitrarily markup a particular client’s quote higher because we think it is a ‘winner’… Everyone receives a fair price.

How we work with the Trade.

Because we ensure that our quotes are all fair and are justified by measurable variables, we can be sure that we value our trade customers to the fullest. If you are a builder, glazer or architect and you have an account with us, it will always be clear on your quotations how much our retail value of those windows and doors would be, should your customer use our website to check a price. If you can be sure that you are offering honest value to your customer, then you can feel confident to let them visit our website and talk to us directly with questions and concerns.


Instant quoting


Instant manufacturing


Instant delivery


20 Years Guaranteed


We offer opportunities for some of our clients to visit a showroom in High Wycombe by appointment only. If you would like to visit the fantastic showroom, with a moving corner post on display, as well as see the factory for yourself then please do not hesitate to get in touch regarding this opportunity.

Instadoor Ltd is actively keeping an eye out for individuals to join our team who are eager to join a versatile and exciting company. Industry knowledge, or something else to offer, we’re keen to hear!