Bi-fold doors are slightly more complex than windows, patio doors and other door systems. It goes without saying that, while most double glazing companies now sell bifold doors, a specialist company is a wise choice.

As you can see we only sell two products (bi-fold doors and matching windows), manufactured in one place by the best standards. Our focus enables us to be the exact specialist that you need, to ask the questions, and be confident when purchasing.

All of our bi-fold doors and windows are made to the millimetre required, and no “standard” sizes are stocked. This means that the bi-fold doors and windows will fit perfectly into the aperture that has been built to accommodate them. With such large expanses (particularly for bi-fold doors) more often than not there can be a few millimetres difference from original problems.

Not only do Origin manufacture to almost any size, we can offer over 150 different RAL colours,
a range of handles and multiple configurations, so your products will be very much made to your specification.

All of our windows and bi-fold doors come with a full 20 Year Guarantee. This guarantee covers the frames and components of the product excluding the sealed units. The Sealed units are covered by a 10 year period, although are expected to last well beyond.

Our Bi-folds and Windows are both made with the same sleek profile (minor differences) in the same factory. All of the aluminium is powder coated by the same machine, equalling in guaranteed colour matches. This is so important when buying doors and windows, as when two RAL numbers may well match, other factors can change the shade of the paint – a disaster that can not be risked.

Being a national company it is our intention to have showrooms across the country. At present, we are able to take appointments to see the bi-folds and windows in action at the Factory in High Wycombe, with a showroom comprising of many different combinations.

Your bi-fold doors and windows contain mechanical moving parts that will need to be lubricated periodically. These include hinges, multipoint lock, handles and nylon trolley wheels in the top and bottom track. Lubricate using silicone spray or grease and wipe away any excess with a non-abrasive cloth once you have finished.

To clean the aluminium profile you can give them a wipe down with a damp cloth and a light soapy solution.

Over time the tracks will collect dust and debris, especially during the building process*. Using a small brush, loosen any debris that may be stuck in the track cavity. Then, with a thin nozzle attachment on a vacuum cleaner you can easily remove the debris in the track.

*If installing the bi-fold doors must be installed before all heavy/messy work is complete, we recommend refraining from using the bi-fold doors as access. If they must be used, open wide and cover the tracks with a thick dust sheet/wooden boards. No claims of scratches and scuffs will be accepted after acceptance of delivery, so be sure you cover yourself and ensure your contractors are careful on site.

All of our bifold doors have the option of opening inwards, or outwards. Your bifold doors can also have a variation of different combinations. There are so many to discuss, you are better off going over to the Instant Quotation calculator to view the different combinations available for your dimensions!