Aluminium Windows

A traditional design in premium grade aluminium, manufactured with the same advanced manufacturing techniques as our award winning bi-folds.

The flush casement sash sits neatly inside the frame, equalling in a smooth and level surface inside and out with no protruding hardware. Your windows will be much more aesthetically pleasing, emanating a clean, extremely secure and thermally efficient yet simplistic style.

This design enables the window to be used in traditional and modern refurbishments, with over 150 colours offering you the opportunity to have a timeless and long lasting design with no limits to the style of building.

Our windows made by Origin are available as fixed, top hung, side opening or dummy sashes (looks like an opening sash but is fixed and will match the sightlines of other opening sashes).


Ultra Thermally Efficient

A common concern when swapping brick and mortar for beautiful uninterrupted glass panels is the loss of heat. We understand this conception, and can assure you that in the days of rising bills, no compromise will need to be made on our behalf.
Thermally broken aluminium with the innovative material polyamide means that there is not one point in our frames where aluminium on the inside conducts to aluminium on the outside. We reinforce this principle by only ever installing ‘A’ rated glazing units, using warm edge spacer bar technology inside our double and triple glazed units, with Argon or Krypton gas filling.And when Winter starts to creep in, you can be sure that your Certified 1.3* U Value bifolding doors will keep out the cold and the heat in, surpassing the British Building Regulation requirements by a remarkable margin.

The fastest manufacture of bespoke aluminium windows

With a 1 week lead time on our Windows, it’s a wonder how it takes everyone else so long to make theirs.
Not a jot of quality is undermined, it’s just constant innovation that makes Instadoor able to supply the Origin range of windows and doors when you need them. You should be in charge of your own deadlines.

Choose from over 150 different colours

RAL colour chart for Aluminium windows and bi-fold doors

The aluminium frames of Instadoor’s products are all finished with a solvent-free polyester powder coating. The highly durable coating is manufactured by Interpon, who are the world leaders in architectural powder coatings.

The most subtle, most all encompassing and the most timeless are our range of Greys, Metallics and Woodgrain finishes and are all included in our super fast lead times. Just get in touch for more information.

Why are these colours popular? These colours coupled with the stylish and timeless design of the aluminium profile suit virtually any house, no matter the colour of the brick nor the surrounding windows. It’s your choice.